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Sami Briss (1930, Jassy)
Flying Bird I, 1985
Original colour lithograph
14 cm x 15 cm
Signed and numbered (24/150) in pencil
This is a H.C. copy
In perfect condition


Sami Briss conjures a mythical and dreamlike Universe with elemental symbols such as: the Fish, the Bird, the Flower, the Moon or the Sun.


"The technique and colors, inspired by Byzantine iconography are extremely well mastered. Briss' s total freedom of composition is a poetry of drawing that leads us from abyss to dream ". (Marcel Janco)


"He took with him Moldovia, songs, proverbs, the frescoes of the monasteries, the brilliance of peasant ceramics ... the green hills and pink of Jerusalem, the flaming silence of the desert, the multicolored rocks and palm trees of the Book country ... " (The poet Frédéric Jacques Temple in "Figurines of memory", a book on the artist)

Sami Briss, Flying Birds I

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  • Sami Briss is a French artist with Romanian Jewish origins, whose mythical and poetical art places him at the confluence of Surrealism (Paul Klee and Victor Brauner) with Neo-primitivism and folk art.


    The nostalgia of his childhood in the Jewish community of Jassy, a Romanian cultural city abundant in Christian churches and monasteries, is reflected and pervading through all his artwork, as a close juxtaposition of the Jewish-Christian specific heritage tradition.

    Sami Briss was a victim of the wave of repression cast by the Romanian communist regime against free artists and intellectuals in the late 1950s. The prohibition of his art determined him to leave the country and move to Israel in 1960.


    During the Israeli years, Sami Briss became a close friend of Marcel Janco, the famous founder of the Dada movement, who became an important voice for his further career.


    Sami Briss exhibited many times in Israel and abroad and entered the attention of the French and American galleries. In 1974, the artist moved permanently to Paris, still maintaining his strong connections to Israel.


    Sami Briss has had solo shows all over the world: Paris, Nancy, Tel Aviv, Lausanne, Singapore, The Hague, Amsterdam, Los Angeles, Washington DC, New York, Montreal, Osaka.