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Paul Kostabi (1962, Whittier, California)
Sonnets to Salvador, 2012
Giclée on hand made cotton paper
61 cm x 50 cm
Hand-signed and numbered (71/75) in pencil
Dry stamp
In perfect condition


"Imagine if a little kid walked into a museum and painted a scene of a house with trees on top of a Jackson Pollock, leaving a smidgeon of the Pollock exposed in the lower left corner. That’s just one of the many original and aggressive ideas you’ll find in Paul Kostabi’s paintings. (Mark Kostabi on Paul Kostabi)


Paul Kostabi, Sonnets to Salvador

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  • Paul Kostabi is an American artist with Estonian immigrant origins.


    He is the younger brother of the American contemporary artist Mark Kostabi.


    Paul Kostabi is best known for his angst-ridden and ferocious, expressionistic self-portraits.


    "The psychically ravaged self-portrait is his most constant theme, but any time Paul feels like it, he’ll bust out a mocking commentary of the pretentious scale and overblown egos of certain adored art stars, or he might sincerely explore the magical color possibilities of an otherworldly vase of flowers on a table. Paul Kostabi’s work is fraught with careless care." (Mark Kostabi on Paul Kostabi, 2002)


    His paintings and prints deploy an urban street art style with new expressionist touches that places the artist at the junction of an exquisite iconic world imagery, between Basquiat and Kurt Cobain.


    He also accumulated an impressive body of landscapes, still lifes, pure abstractions and several comically rapacious appropriations of various contemporary artists including Julian Schnabel, Jean-Michel Basquiat and Giles Lyon.


    Paul Kostabi's paintings are present in the permanent collections of: Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum of Art (New York), Paterson Museum (Paterson, New Jersey), New England for Contemporary Art (Brooklyn, Connecticut), Whitney Museum of American Art, video, Paper Tiger Sessions, Nassau County Museum of Art (New York), Museion - the Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art of Bozen, Italy.