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Title: Pacific Art in Detail

Author: Jenny Newell

Condition: New

Format: Hardback

Publisher: The British Museum Press

Pages: 144

Illustrations: Over 150 colour illustrations

Edition: 2011

ISBN: 978-0714125909

Dimensions: 9780714111834

Pacific Art in Detail

  • The art of the Pacific Islands is exciting, varied, vibrant and ever-changing. Across the great breadth of the Pacific, artists have always employed a wide variety of materials and techniques to create objects for specific purposes. These have been central to the management of land and ocean, of political and spiritual power, and of connections to gods and ancestors.


    This book focuses on objects from the domestic to the sacred, from the elegantly simple to the sumptuously ornate, and from the historic to the contemporary.


    The author draws on striking and colourful examples from the Pacifics major cultural regions: Polynesia, Melanesia and Micronesia, beginning with an introduction asking What is Pacific art?


    Each of the beautiful artworks is then explored further through close-ups, allowing intriguing comparisons between seemingly unrelated objects and media. Ideal as a spur to creative inspiration, this beautiful book offers a striking and unusual view of the wide array of Pacific art, evoking the skills of the most accomplished Pacific artists and craftworkers, past and present