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  • From the 'Tentative d'epuisement de lieux napolitaines (Une idée de Paris)' Series
  • Medium: marker and crayon on found paper (a 1956 French grammar book for foreigners)
  • Size (width x height) 17 x 22 cm (unframed) / 21 x 29 cm (framed)
  • Framed/Unframed: framed
  • Condition: good
  • Signed on the front


"Tentative d'epuisement de lieux napolitaines (Une idée de Paris)" series is based upon the French writer George Perec's collection of observations "Tentative d'épuisement d'un lieu parisien" ("An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris").


Celebrating George Perec, Mary Cinque traces the intimate atmosphere of a personal geography, turning a French grammar book for foreigners into a visual diary. In a manner similar to the French author's, the artist aims to describe quotidian scenes that usually pass unnoticed, rather than notable things such as the distinguished architecture.


"My works are not intended to be postcards or testimonies; they are views captured from a piece of reality and then liberated, given life by memory and colour." - Mary Cinque


Mary Cinque, Une idée de Paris I

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  • Mary Cinque (b.1979) lives and works in London, after previous prolific experiences of encapsulating the city in Naples, New York, Philadelphia, Milan and Addis Ababa.


    Mary Cinque spent her childhood between Italy and Ethiopia. Her grandfather was a photographer and she inherited this passion from him; she thinks that photographs are means to express feelings and a way to celebrate daily life as well as hidden aesthetics.


    Over the years, the artist has adopted multiple practices, including photography, cartoons, graphics, watercolours and painting: "I see commercials, comics books, cartoons, posters, MTV and photographs. I love the reality around me, I think it is perfect".